Winter Ghostling (Handmade polymer clay sculpture set)

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All new seasons are brought by Ghosties but this year things are a bit different as a little Frosty Ghostling has been responsible for making the winter. He takes a sip of his icy soup and when he breaths out, all land is covered in beautiful glittery frost. Since he is still a youngling, things don't always go right with the first try. Sometimes we get blizzards, sometimes it's raining ice or there's slush everywhere but he is still trying his best to make a beautiful winter. 

This Ghostling comes with a handmade bowl of icy soup. The Ghostling is also signed by the artist. 

Luna the Ghostling is approximately 5 cm (2 inches) tall with its ice crown.  

Please, feel free to contact me in case you have any questions about this item. 

This is an art piece, not a toy and should not be given to children under 14 years of age.