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For Your Inner Child

Welcome to Star Garden!

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The Book of Fear


Cozy Autumn Tales


Midsummer Meadow


Spring in the Ghostie World

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Tiny vessels of joy!

Welcome to the Mai Darling Designs Universe! Here you'll find small handmade treasures - you can dive into the world of Ghosties and other whimsical creature.

I hope that you and you're inner child like it here!

Can I share some secrets with you?

There's a top secret group and you're invited to join too! If you're curious to see how I make my pieces, want to see sneak peeks and what I'm working on, want to learn tips and trick, I can show you!

I have been on Patreon for a few years and that's enough time to put to together quite a library. In fact, I have over 50 videos there already, articles about sculpting and painting and of course much more. We would love to have you there! You can join here!

You Are a Rainbow!

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I felt so drawn to this little otter piece, and I debated whether to buy it right then and there, or to wait. I'm SO glad I didn't wait! Somehow the photos don't do it justice. It is so well done, so beautiful and such an excellent attention to detail. Worth every single penny just for how much joy it brings so effortlessly.

As a note, the seller is absolutely wonderful, and the packaging is very well done. PLUS adorable little stickers were included, as well as a handwritten note! I cannot recommend this shop enough!

- Abbey

Thank you again for this amazing piece! It's so beautiful and will be treasured.

- Catlin

So amazing! I absolutely love her and she looks so great with your other piece! They are a matching pair! Just too cute Im obsessed! Thanks so much!

- Ultaker

This figurine is so awesome and very professional! Shipping to the U.S. was super fast!!!

- Jason

Amazing figurine, I love the colors.,I love the design. It has such a beautiful balance of colors and textures, also the artist is darling. I was so pleased with this creation that I already boughtmore creations from this store, very recommendable <3 <3 <3

- Iris