Behind the scenes

Have you ever wondered how all these whimsical pieces are made? If so, please feel free to join us on Patreon!

Mai Darling Designs is sharing a lot sneak peeks, tips and tricks, sculpting and painting videos on Patreon. Patreon is is a membership platform for connecting with artists and supporting their work. On Patreon you'll see behind the scenes material you won't see on other social media Platforms! My personal goal in Patreon is to connect more with my followers and offer something that is exclusive only to my Patrons. Patreon will also help me to keep creating my art and make it more accessible to everyone.

There are currently two tiers you can choose from, Pumpkins and Ghosties! Pumpkins will get benefits like sneak peeks behind the scenes in photo format, tips and tricks, occasional exclusive sales and more! 

Ghosties will get all the benefits mentioned above plus at least 2 exclusive monthly sculpting/painting videos! 

Please consider joining our Patreon community! 


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