What materials do you use?

The sculpting material I use for my pieces is polymer clay. Each piece is sculpted by hand, painted with acrylic paints and then varnished with matte or high gloss varnish. I occasionally use other materials on my pieces as well.

How can I buy your piece?

Some updates sell out fast. I announce my upcoming shop updates on my Instagram page. However, sometimes I list items one by one in the shop as I make them. You'll get the most updated info by following me on Instagram and joining in my newsletter.

Do you take commissions?

I take a handful of commissions every once in a while. Commissions require an extreme amount of time and energy and therefore I have to limit how many I can make. 

You can apply for a commissions spot here: Commission Application.

I don't take advance payments of commissions and all finished commissions must be purchased within 7 days from listing unless agreed otherwise. 

Can you reserve an item for me? 

No, restock pieces cannot be reserved, commissions are an exception. 

Can I pay in installments? 

Unfortunately that's not currently possible.

How do I maintain a miniature sculpture? 

Keep dry and out of reach of pets and children. These pieces are meant for display, not playing - they are not toys. They are meant to sit on a cabinet or on a shelf for example. Keep them dry - do not submerge in water. If they collect dust, you can gently dust them with a soft, clean brush for example. 

It's also very important to talk nicely to them, give them attention and boop their snoots.